AURICULAR therapies

Auricular Acupuncture involves the insertion of various types of needles, or placement of small metallic balls into predetermined points  on the external ear.

It may sound a little odd to those of you who haven't tried acupuncture, but Auricular Acupuncture has been around for some time.

Although acupuncture emerged from ancient eastern medicinal practices and Traditional Chinese Medicine, the specialty of ear acupuncture developed in Wester Europe, and is rooted in the work of neurologist Dr. Paul Nogier in the 1950's. His work was further developed by Frank Bahr MD and other physical medicine specialists in Germany over the last half of the 20th century.  

We offer protocols specifically designed and proven to be effective (NADA protocol and Battlefield Acupuncture) as well as targeted custom auricular treatments. 

Just to be suuuper clear - We are not Acupuncturists (and will not apply needles to any other area than the ear), nor are we trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Our training has been specifically in Auricular Acupuncture and the protocols discussed below. 
The treatments we offer are not intended to replace western medical advice, but to be used as a supportive modality. 

NADA Protocol for Addiction & Detoxification


The NADA Protocol is a standardised, 5 point auricular protocol, that emerged as a response to opiate addiction in the 1970s. It involves the insertion of 5 small and sterile needles into specific points on each ear. The needles don't go deep, and in most cases you barely feel a prick. (in some cases you will feel a little discomfort - we wont lie)

The needles stay in place for around 40 minutes before being removed. 

This protocol, although designed for addiction and supporting detoxification, has been discovered to have a wide range of beneficial applications. This is due to the specific placement of the needles and the action they have in the stimulation of the nervous system and rebalancing of the targeted organs of the body. 

NADA is suitable for use in the treatment of a range of issue, including substance dependancy, smoking, obesity, stress and anxiety. It has been shown, in a variety of clinical settings, to be beneficial to the detoxification process 

as well as helping with the emotional, physical and psychological attributes involved in addiction.  


The NADA protocol is shown to have the following effects:   

  • Reduced cravings for alcohol and drugs, including nicotine. 

  • Minimised withdrawal symptoms. 

  • Assists detoxification process 

  • Assist relapse prevention 

  • Increased calmness, better sleep, and less agitation. 

  • Relief from stress and emotional trauma. 

  • An easier connection with talk therapy/counselling . 

  • A discovery of inner quiet and strength. 

  • Marked relaxation, a feeling of well being 

  • Assistance with energy levels 


There have been a number of Western clinical studies supporting the efficacy of auricular acupuncture, and in the interest of fairness, some that question its efficacy.   




Great question! There is still a lot that is not yet understood about how Auricular Acupuncture works. The external ear has a rich supply of nerve endings, these nerve endings are linked to the brain and other organs via the Central Nervous System. Stimulation of nerve endings on the ear is thought to influence the organs being stimulated. 

Each organ has a nerve supply that can speed up or slow down the function of the organ. Due to a variety of factors like chronic stress, organs can become over or under stimulated and dysfunctional. Auricular Acupuncture and the NADA Protocol works to rebalance these organs and the Central Nervous System.


Battlefield Acupuncture


Battlefield acupuncture is a contemporary western protocol: proven to be extremely effective in treating numerous types of pain. (fortunately you don’t actually need to be on a battlefield… but.. life is a battlefield my friends ; )  

You don’t need to sit around forever, or worry about any of the usual woozy side effects of pain medication: 

it is quick to administer with immediate and highly effective results in greatly reducing pain, with potential long-term 


The term “Battlefield acupuncture” was coined in 2001 by Col Richard Niemtzow who developed the auricular therapy 

protocol specifically to deliver substantial pain relief quickly and easily in combat situations.  


Using specially designed, specifically placed needles, Battlefield acupuncture addresses the processing of pain in the 

Central Nervous System by interrupting pain signals communicated to and from the brain. 

The goal of this protocol is not to eliminate pain, but to reduce it to a manageable level so that the underlying cause can berevealed and addressed.  


The benefits of this protocol are numerous.  

  • Pain reduction allows for increased movement, which decreases stagnation and stimulates blood flow as well as qui and fluids.   

  • Less pain also means more rest and better sleep, which is fundamental to the healing process, reducing the tendency toward depression of the body and emotions.  

The specific points targeted also work to balance the systems of the body. Each point stimulates the Vagus nerve and 

together they work to balance the 13 organs it branches to.  

1 to 5 Semi Permanent Needles are applied to specific points on each ear, utilising  known anatomic areas in the ear

that correspond to the biological structure of the body. These small, semi-permanent needles remain in the ears for up to 

3-4 days before being pushed to the surface naturally. This allows for lasting results as the points are stimulated over days.  

Battlefield acupuncture can be useful for 

  • Headaches 

  • Back and neck ache 

  • acute and chronic back pain 

  • musculoskeletal pain  

  • neuropathic pain. 

  • Fibromyalgia 

  • Assist to relieve pain related insomnia