Carlie and Brad are both IAKP trained Advanced Kambô practitioners and proud members of the International Association of Kambo Practitioners

What is Kambô? It's the secretion from a frog found in the upper amazon, that contains a powerful combination of peptides, neuropeptides and bioactive peptides that perform very specific and positive functions in the human body.

Traditionally used by tribes in the Amazon to clear bad luck and to bolster strength, speed and focus before hunting as well as for medicinal applications, Kambô has a plethora of beneficial applications in the western world.

In the last 6 months, Kambô, and specifically the Kambô practice of Two Wolves, has been brought to the attention of the Victorian and South Australian health authorities. A subsequent investigation into the safety of Kambô currently being undertaken by the HCC means that Carlie and Brad are currently unable to offer Kambô in NSW, SA, QLD and Victoria. 

For the moment we have removed any further information on Kambô and the services we offer. We are using this page to provide updates to facilitate clarity and transparency about the process as the investigation unfolds.

We would like everyone to know that the safety of our clients has and always will be our number one priority, and these investigations into our practice have come about not because of any malpractice or complaints. (why we have become a focus of the investigating bodies attention is anyones guess!) 

We would also like to emphasise that although it is not hard to find a Kambô practitioner in Australia, it is really important that if you intend to sit with Kambô - you do so with a trained practitioner and consult your doctor beforehand.

For Residents of South Australia, 

21 Nov 2019

Well, it happened. Grant Davies has issued another public statement. We're currently unable to devote the time to a proper considered response at the moment, but the IAKP is presently reviewing Grant Davies report and will issue a statement in due time. 

30 Aug 2019

(Firstly, we want to say : we are very sorry to our clients that we have had to, and will have to continue to turn away. It breaks our heart to be completely frank. )

Recently Dr Grant Davies from the South Australian Health Complaints Commission has started his own investigation into Kambo and the services we offer and has now issued an interim prohibition order - prohibiting us from serving Kambo or Sananga for 12 weeks.

On the surface it may seem like we're constantly getting in trouble this year. : )

First being investigated by one state (Vic), and now two (Vic and SA) and having one Prohibition Order expire in Victoria in July, only to have another imposed in South Australia in August.

That is what it looks like, but the reality is much less exciting.

It all began when the Victorian HCC had Kambo and our practice "brought to their attention".

We still aren't 100% sure what that means (and cant find out how our little faces caught their attention) but what is important to remember is that: it was not a complaint against us, or our practice.

The HCC has reiterated this to us many times when we have inquired how they "landed" on us.

They were right to be alarmed about Kambo - the information they had available to them suggested Kambo could be dangerous. So they reacted in the best interest of the Victorian Public: They launched an investigation into our practice and Kambo to ensure that we weren't putting anyone at risk.

When Victoria began its investigation, the IPO they imposed immediately came into effect in South Australia.

So, the South Australian HCC didn't need to allocate any resources to an investigation because there was no possibility of us providing Kambo in South Australia and VIC was pursuing the investigation.


When we heard about the automatic prohibition coming into effect in South Australia we contacted the South Australian HCC office and offered to come in and discuss Kambo and answer any questions they may have, but were told it wasn't necessary.

The investigation continued in Victoria, they interviewed us, and found an expert with whom they could share our transcripts. The IPO expiration date came and went. The Victorian HCC communicated to us that, given our cooperation in the matter, they wouldn't be enforcing another IPO (which they had power to do) but instead would ask for our undertaking to not offer Kambo in Victoria until they had finished their investigation.

When the IPO expired, we contacted the South Australian Health Complaints Commission once again, to check that they were OK with us offering Kambo in South Australia and again offered to come in to the office and answer any questions they may have.


Through some kind of misunderstanding - the person we spoke to said that the South Australian HCC had no questions and we were free to practice. (and we rejoiced and cried and hugged and danced like frogs on a lily pad!)

But.... Unfortunately that wasn't the case, and a few weeks ago we were informed that Dr Grant Davies was personally investigating Kambo and we were asked to undertake to not offer Kambo in South Australia whilst his investigation was underway.


Recently we met with Dr Davies, had a lovely cup of tea, and provided as much information regarding Kambo, and our practice and safety standards as possible.

His reason for issuing this new IPO, is based on expert advice he has recently received. We have been informed that Dr Davies cannot divulge who this expert is, but that the advice suggests Kambo could be dangerous.

So once again, Dr Davies is acting in the interest of the South Australian public given the information he has available and we really can't fault him for that and respect his decision, even, admittedly, if we don't altogether agree with it...


We would like to say that yes, like many things, like prescribed opiods, or recreational drugs, or power tools, or bungy jumping ...

Kambo, when used inappropriately and without the proper training, safety protocols and procedures and with disregard for the contraindications - can be potentially dangerous. 

Our practice builds its foundation on client safety, and the association we trained with - the International Association of Kambo Practitioners was established to ensure that Kambo was introduced into western culture in a safe, ethical and sustainable way.


Our clients come from all walks of life, for endless reasons, but they come because they have chosen to. They found us not because we targeted them with advertising, but because they were already looking for Kambo.

The real dangers with Kambo begin when you push it underground. When it is ordered online from unknown sources. When it is provided, say..by someone who has seen a youtube video once and has no training, no ideas of the risks and how to navigate the process.

We don't disagree with the Victorian or South Australian Health Complaints Commissions, we believe the safety of their public, and of our clients is the single most important thing and we will continue to work with these investigating bodies - because.. just " what if" they have found a risk that over 400 Members of the IAKP worldwide have overlooked and haven't considered, what a wonderful impact this could make to the safety procedures of Kambo practitioners Worldwide, and the safety and well being of those choosing to take Kambo. 

And to those of you who have asked, or are wondering why we are the only practitioners in Australia to receive this prohibition, given the concerns about Kambo being a danger to the public, I'm very sorry but we don't have the answer, and that question would best be posed to the Victorian and South Australian HCC.

Again, we are very very sorry to all our clients in South Australia who we will have to turn away, and who we have turned away over the last 5 months.

It is unfortunate that the South Australian HCC did not have the resources to investigate this in a timely manner, or to take us up on our numerous offers earlier and has only now begun their investigations. (I could insert some kind of joke about Adelaide always being a little bit behind its bigger siblings, but actually - We're quite saddened by this.)

We still stand by Kambo, our safety protocols, our clients, and the values of the International Association of Kambo Practitioners.

Warmly and in Service


Brad & Carlie

For Residents of Victoria, Australia

Due to a very sad and unfortunate event that has been associated with Kambo in NSW,  we were served with an Interim Prohibition Order by the Victorian Health Complaints Commissioner in April 2019. Due to current legislation in South Australia, this Prohibition Order automatically came into effect in South Australia.

The events in NSW were completely unrelated to us as practitioners, and our hearts go out to everyone involved in NSW. 

We understand that the Victorian Dept of Health and Human Services is alarmed by this event and are exercising due caution to protect the public of Victoria.

The prohibition expired on 25th June - however at this stage the investigation has not been completed and as such the Commissioner has the power to enforce a further Prohibition Order. Due to our cooperation with the investigation - the Commissioner has asked us to agree to an 'undertaking' instead of enforcing a further Interim Prohibition Order

As advocates for Kambo, we have full belief in our safety standards and protocols and the safety of Kambo when the appropriate guidelines, precautions and procedures are adhered to.

We are working with the support of the IAKP and cooperating with the investigation - as we hope that it may serve as a wonderful opportunity to create an open flow of communication and information with the Victorian Dept for Health and underline the importance of proper safety standards and protocols. 

Below is the official 'undertaking' that we have been asked to display on our site for the remainder of the investigation

Undertaking to the Health Complaints Commissioner (Victoria)

Bradley Williams and Carlie Angel, undertake that while the Health Complaints Commissioner (HCC) conducts an investigation under the Health Complaints Act 2016 (Vic) into the general health services we provide, we will not:

a) provide Kambo treatment to any person in the State of Victoria;

b) offer or advertise that I provide Kambo treatment in the State of Victoria; or

c) assist any other person to provide Kambo treatment in the State of Victoria.


This undertaking will be published on the website of Two Wolves – One Body (www.twowolves.com.au) and on its Facebook page for as long as the HCC’s investigation remains ongoing.

In response to some media releases and circulating stories we would like to clarify some elements of the situation :

We would like to clarify that the ban imposed on Kambo is not in relation to any malpractice on our part, but in response to the VIC Health Department becoming aware of Kambo and an investigation being actioned so that they can become more informed about this substance and safety protocols required for the safe application of Kambo.

Both SA and VIC departments are being very open and supportive of this process and our part within it.


Kambo has been brought to the attention of the Victorian health department due to the very unfortunate death of a woman in NSW in March 2019. We don’t know the full details of this incident and the investigation is still underway. This incident is entirely unrelated to us and our hearts go out to her family and friends.


We truly welcome this opportunity to open a discourse with the Victorian Health Commission.


We would like to outline that we do not classify ourselves as healers as stated by the health commission and picked up on by media. We are trained Kambo practitioners/facilitators.

As advocates for Kambo, we have full belief in our safety standards and protocols and the safety of Kambo when the appropriate guidelines, precautions and procedures are adhered to.

The Victorian Health Complaints Commission is really just doing their job given their current understanding of Kambo and the potential risks they see that it poses to the public.

Although we are part of a broader organisation and community working with Kambo, it seems we have become a focus of attention due to our open and easy to find online presence as Kambo Practitioners/facilitators. 

As such, we welcome the opportunity that has been presented to us to speak on behalf of a broader community of facilitators and hope we can do an honourable service to all in assisting with this investigation, with the aim to move us all clearly forward with open discourse and an equitable investigation that can de-mystify Kambo to the broader public and acknowledge and further establish the importance of safety protocols for the application of Kambo, with peoples health, safety and wellbeing at the forefront of this inquiry.


As many of you have already been in contact with offers of support which we deeply appreciate...

we welcome those we have served in the past to share a "testimonial: just sharing a little on your experience with Kambo itself and our process.

You can do so on our facebook page or if you would prefer to remain anonymous, but wish to share - please send an email to twowolves@twowolves.com.au