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online community offerings for challenging times

We're living is some very difficult times at the moment.
Almost overnight, it seems, everyones lives have been turned upside down and inside out, and with a political and social landscape that is changing on a daily basis there is so much uncertainty. 

We're not here to comment on the COVID-19 pandemic, nor the politics surrounding it. We'll be leaving that to the experts - like the team that put out Coronacast. 

We have noticed many of our very talented friends bringing their real world offerings onto virtual platforms, and others who are creating things especially to support people through this really challenging time. 
So we thought it may be a good place to pop links to all the brilliant things humans are doing, sharing and creating during this time. 
Just because, for the moment, we can't gather together physically, it doesn't mean we can't keep growing that sense of community. (there has to be some advantage to the internet right?)

Below are just some of the offerings popping up now, and other online services that you might find handy if you know of other things that you think people might enjoy - let us know and we'll get it up here. 

As always - warmly and in service

Brad and Carlie

WELLBEING & mental health

Online, live guided meditations

Omline is a place where we can come together online and share live guided mediations to help you stay calm and (virtually) come together.


Drawing from Zen and Insight traditions, the sessions will help you relax mentally, emotionally and physically and hopefully give you some tools to help you have an experience of calm and compassion for yourself and other people throughout your day.



COMMUNITY offerings

A variety of online activities for the whole family.

Goodwood community services are offering weekly timetables of free online activities for people of all ages - story time for the kids, exercise and cooking classes, community skill share, the list goes on.


FITNESS & exercise

Online classes & Videos

These guys are brilliant, and, with a focus on urban street workouts, you can do most of their online offerings without any bars, weights or fancy contraptions.
Street workouts are growing in popularity and as a sport globally, and the Adelaide based gym was just taking off when the COVID hit the fan. But it hasnt stopped them, ans they're offering plenty of simple, conditioning and skills videos on their Facebook group. Check it out and emerge from isolation stronger than when you went in!



Online classes

The Pole Boutique is Adelaide’s premier Pole Dance and Fitness Studio. It is home to some of Australia’s most successful and experienced Pole Dance Instructors (they're also pretty fun!) 

In response to the global Pandemic Carlie Hunter and the gang at Pole boutique are now offering pole and non pole, stretch, conditioning and pilates classes online. Check out their time table here

Carlie Hunter, is also offering pole dancing classes here


Online classes

Power Living Yoga is a bit of an icon in Adelaide, and not to be quashed by a little bit of social distancing, these guys are livestreaming workshops, yoga classes and conversations to keep the connection alive. 

check out their offerings here.



Online classes

Wonderful Karen from yoga garage is doing online live and post-class recorded accessible options. $16 a week for as many classes as you want


THE ARTS, performance & classes

Keep an eye on this space! Artists are, by necessity, an incredibly diverse, virbrant and resilient bunch. Many of our friends and colleagues in the arts industry lost there entire years worth of work in the blink of an eye (much like many other industries)
We don't think it will be long before the story tellers, creators and magic makers find a way to bring their essential talents into the virtual realms to help replenish our souls and hold our virtual hands through this time.


Hosted by Alison Currie and Jessi Lewis

The wilderness podcast- features interviews with artists in response to the current state of play, alongside reviews of newly emerging trends in digital art and content.


Lucy Guerin Inc online morning classes!

LGI Morning Classes are going online!

Lucy Guerin Inc (A brilliant Aussie dance company based in Melbourne) are bringing you Contemporary Dance and Yoga classes weekly, with the schedule for the next weeks to be published shortly. And what's more they're free!


CONTEMPORARY dance for lounge rooms

Online dance classes designed for the lounge room!

Another great offering - contemporary dance classes in your lounge room. Catering to beginners its a great way to get started!​



Netflix for circus and acrobatics

Gravity and Other Myths.... is brilliant. And you can watch it online over and over again!
When you've realised there's only so much Netflix you can handle, turn to Netflips, and get your fill of some brilliant performances.


A Patreon funded mixed bag of goodies

Tanya is kicking off her online offerings with a poll to find out what peeps want from her goodie bag of skills. Check it out and help shape the content that gets offered in the coming months.

Tanya Voges2.jpg

GROCERY deliveries

Most of the home delivery grocery options below are local to South Australia, but if you know of anywhere in your area that delivers and you'd like to help spread the word, let us know and we can add it to the list :)

Delivered Gin with excellent side effects.

Even better than the fact that it also works as an emergency disinfectant, every bottle of gin goes to helping out the Australian arts sector.  Like all products sold during March and April on CCXYZ, all profits are going to support out of work artists and arts workers through our partnership with the Adopt an Artist fund.

Crafted with 17 Australian and traditional gin botanicals including hand foraged lemon myrtle, strawberry gum and peppermint gum from Ngarrindjeri country in the deep south; desert lime from the Flinders Ranges; saltbush, wattleseed, wild thyme and native lemon grass; cinnamon and aniseed myrtle and of course, lashings and lashings of Italian juniper berry.


Organic fruit and veggie boxes delivered to your door

We're very keen on Keane's. In fact, a few years ago, when we were young and innocent, Keane's were the first to stock some of our handmade products. They're always friendly and helpful, and haven't missed a beat in these trying times. So if you're in Adelaide or surrounding suburbs, check out their site and see if what they have to offer can keep you home that little bit longer.


Organic fruit and veggie boxes delivered to your door

Girl Friday Organics delivers organic fruit and vegetable boxes to your doorstep in Adelaide.


They also stock a range of organic pantry staples

So if you're looking for more ways to stay off the street, get in touch with Peta at Girl Friday Organics -



Organic fruit and veggie boxes delivered to your door

Weekly delivery of certified organic fruit and veg to your doorstep on the Fleurieu Peninsula


Delivered grains, nuts, cereals, beans... all the things

Suntralis is brilliant. And they're retail store is, at the time of writing still open, but they also deliver! They have a massive range of nuts, cereals, seeds, flours and confectionery. So if you're an Adelaidean, there's one more reason not to leave your home.



Delivered fruit and veg in the Southern Suburbs of Adelaide

Gotta admit, this is our local fruit and veg store and I just found out they're delivering!!
So - if you're down South in Adelaide, suss it out and get yor veggies delivered to your door.



Some more deliciousness delivered to your door in Willunga

More delivery options for getting wholesome fruit and veg, olive oil, eggs and bread delivered to your door!
There guys are all organic, and passionate about sustainable agriculture and supporting the local area


KIDS at home

Keep the kids exercising with online classes

We've not sussed this out, but we've been told Joe Wicks is doing daily exercises for kids on his youtube channel


A Facebook group for parents to share ideas for things to do around the house 

Ok, the name sounds a little dark ;) but its a great idea and a great place, to share ideas and approaches for homeschooling and things to do with the kids around the home.