SOMATIC energetics


Somatic Energetics

Somatic Soul Energetics is a unique combination of processes and techniques geared to facilitate core transformation.


  • written

  • spoken

  • physical

  • energetic

  • and intuitive elements.


These elements are drawn together to guide and assist you to break through blockages and assist clearing at a physical, cellular and energetic level: creating space and flow for vital energy to enter and helping facilitate the integration of body, mind & spirit.

The outcome is a greater connection to your innate intuition and higher self so you experience the heightened states of flow, presence and vitality that result.


Divine Source Enhancement Healing


Divine Source Enhancement Healing is a methodology developed to utilise the breath and light energy for multidimensional healing. (Pretty straight forward right?! : )

Somewhat “unexplainable” this modality has surprised me in its subtlety and power.

The focus for these sessions is on facilitating the clients innate ability to “let go”on all levels through

  • relaxation,

  • focusing into the feeling in the body

  • and through the practitioner’s breath and transmission of cosmic light energy,

this enables release and healing within the subtle energy bodies, nervous system and more.

DSEH operates under the premise that we all exist within a muti-dimensional reality that encompasses and acknowledges many more dimensions than the 3 dimensions we can see, touch and taste.

A basic analogy may be given of ourselves as radios, able to tune into various stations, we simply learn and focus to become more consciously aware of all levels or “stations”.

DSEH also operates under the premise that we can let go much more readily than our minds may tell us, on many levels of our being. We do not necessarily need to understand this with our conscious mind - the intellectual/logical processing part of our brain, nor do we need to “do or think” anything to make it happen. Instead, with assistance of a skilled practitioner, we can enhance or “amp up” this process, shifting long stored energy that keeps us stuck, sad, confused etc.

It’s a nice alternative to Kambo (if you don’t feel like vomiting today : ) and/or a subtle ally to enhance the process that Kambo kicks off.

People experiencing this modality have claimed neural regeneration and more.

The aim of a session is to align and heal the 8 main aspects of self :

  • The Physiological

  • The Emotional

  • The Spiritual

  • The Physical

  • The Consciousness

  • The Perception

  • The Strength

  • The Will



Each session goes for approximately one hour.


All that is required of you is to relax on a massage table and to be open to allowing deep relaxation and willingness to allow energy and emotions to shift and to be let go. Please be aware the releases that happen can be quite deep and you may want to make sure you have some time after to have space for yourself in a gentle and supportive environment

Yes…it’s a little bit “trippy”, a little bit exciting

and a lot beautiful.


Somatic Soul Moving Meditation


is a dance-movement practice that gives you tools to connect more fully with your body, invitations and pathways you can use to find release, freedom, expression and transformation. 


These Somatic Soul workshops focus on bringing awareness, sentience and "anima" into and through the body by working with a range of guided exercise that connect you to your body and gently explore and extend your range of motion and expressive potentiality.


We start with a series of movements to awaken and relax the body and mind, including work with shaking, simple breath work and vigorous self massage before progressing into dance movement. 


We will move from individual processes to working with others in gentle, supportive and fun ways.

I always finish with a small “wind down” and stretching using deep breathing, to support the transition from vigorous motion and to invite relaxation into the whole body before you head off into the night! : )

I draw on a long career in dance, various physical wellness and fitness modalities, as well as working with breath, meditation and energetic/spiritual practices.

Come for one session or dive into a longer process to really connect more deeply to your self, discover creative aspects you didn't know you had...

Move through the patterns and rhythms of your body, your life,

your being...